Enjoy All the Events Pensacola Offers

Pensacola, Florida is a tourist-friendly area filled with various events that caters to all different types of people. You can enjoy all the events Pensacola offers year round, as the city is constantly hosting them. The following are just some of the main forms of Pensacola entertainment that attracts people to the area during the year:

Pensacola Beach Run/Pensacola Double Bridge Run – Great Pensacola Entertainment

The annual Pensacola Beach Run is offered as a 5k, 10, or half marathon. Runners go down the water front. You might also be interested in the Pensacola Double Bridge Run. Check their respective websites for upcoming dates and registration information.

Annual Polar Bear Dip

Pensacola EntertainmentEvery New Year’s Day, The Flora-Bama Lounge and Oyster Bar hosts the Polar Bear Dip. This is where everyone jumps into the ocean at high noon to celebrate a brand new year. They swim around in the Gulf Coast, then get out to eat the traditional feast the host offers annually.

The Interstate Mullet Toss

The Mullet Toss is a very eccentric event where locals will throw dead Mullet fish over the state line into Florida from Alabama. The goal is to get the fish as far into Florida as possible. Everyone who participates would be helping the organizers donate to charity. On an annual basis, over $20,000 dollars are raised, and it goes to mostly youth organizations within Pensacola is nearby Florida regions. The Interstate Mullet Toss also boasts about being the largest beach party located on the Gulf Coast. That’s saying quite a lot, considering how many parties are hosted on the Coast constantly.

Mardi Gras/Mardi Gras Kid and Kritter Krawl

The annual Mardi Gras celebration is hosted in Pensacola. People from all around the state come by to enjoy the various features and parties that are available at this time. There is also a Mardi Gras Kid and Kritter Krawl available for families to enjoy. It is a day walking parade specifically targeted for children and their family pets.

Gallery Nights

Throughout the year, there are frequent gallery nights. People can tour all the galleries downtown between 5pm and 9pm on specifically dedicated nights. You can think of it as being like a bar crawl, only with galleries. Check the Pensacola events calendar to check which months feature these events.

Pensacola Jazz Festival

The Pensacola Jazzfest is held annually in April, right in the heart of the historical Seville Square. It attracts local and world famous jazz musicians alike.

Pensacola Seafood Festival

This is an annual September event open to people of all ages.

Gulf Coast Renaissance Festival

Held in Pensacola, this Renaissance Festival is also open to all people, especially families who wish to broaden their children’s knowledge of history.


As a city that hosts so many parties and attracts people who love to have fun and drink, you can’t forget Oktoberfest. This annual event held in, obviously, October not only provides a lot of alcohol, but also quite a bit of food and activities.

Pensacola never seems to sleep, though not many people in the country are privy to this fact. On your next vacation, go and enjoy all these different types of Pensacola entertainment there is to offer. It will be a memorable experience for you and your family, and there will be endless activities that everyone in your group can enjoy. Make sure to check Pensacola’s extensive events calendar before you plan your visit so that you can be sure the event you want to attend will happen during your trip.

Kinds of Badge Lanyards and Choosing the Right Attachment Accessory

Wearing your ID badge does not only indicate that you are showing obedience and respect to your school or company. Wearing the same also signifies that you are a part of that organization and that they are liable to you and vice versa. It also means that you are carrying the name of your school or company wherever you go and whatever you do. That is why most schools and company provide their students and employees with free badge lanyards so that it will be easier for them to comply with the basic requirement of wearing their ID badges at all times.

BL-7Attaching your ID badge to a badge lanyard is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to help you develop the habit of wearing your ID. But wearing the same also depends on your purpose and where you will wear your ID badge. There are a variety of badge lanyards that you can choose to wear. They also have different purposes and features to suit your personal need. Some of the usual kinds are Standard lanyards, Breakaway lanyards, Earth-Friendly lanyards, and Custom-Printed lanyards.

Standard badge lanyards provide you with a variety of colors and sizes. This plain printed badge lanyard is a simple and convenient way to display your ID badge. You can also choose what kind of attachment accessory you will use. Breakaway lanyards are perfect to wear in schools, manufacturing facilities, and other places which require safety. It is also designed to prevent the risks of choking and other similar accidents.

Earth-Friendly badge lanyards are those which are made from 100% recycled materials. So if you want a nice looking lanyard which cares for the environment at the same time, Earth-Friendly badge lanyards is the perfect choice for you. Last, but not the least, Custom-Printed badge lanyards allow you to personally design your lanyard by printing your own artwork, or by putting a statement or a slogan. This badge lanyard is perfect if you want to promote your school or your company. It can also be used as a part of your fashion statement.

It is equally important that when you attach your ID badge to your badge lanyard, you must make sure that you are using an attachment accessory that is sturdy. You do not want your ID badge to be detached to your badge lanyard on occasion. Some of the ordinary types of attachment accessories include badge lanyards with hooks, grippers, clips, and rings.

Choosing the right attachment accessory for your badge lanyard depends on your personal need.

Other attachment accessories that you can choose are those with strap clip attachments, magnetic attachment accessories, metal chain attachments, and chain adapters. Those with strap clip attachments are those which slide through the slot of your ID badge and then snaps it shut. This attachment accessory is great for school and work purposes. The magnetic attachment accessory uses a steel plate which magnetically attaches your ID badge to your lanyard. Moreover, it is also great for any type of clothing, even the heavy ones, such as heavy sweaters and jackets.

Those with metal chain attachments are those which have aluminum chains. It is also a great choice because of its resilience and light weight. Moreover, it is also lead-free. Lastly, those with chain adapters work similarly with a strap clip attachment accessory. It also slips one end of the strap through the slot of your ID badge, and then snaps it shut by inserting the chain adapter through the other end of the strap.

You may also find the following attachment accessories helpful in wearing your ID badge:

  • Elastic Neck Cord
  • Clip with Adhesive Pad
  • Retractable Badge Reel
  • Half Card Holder.


Ditch the Ticketing and Email Support : Replace it with Live Chat

Recent studies show that the majority of customers nowadays prefer real-time support from a representative they can talk to. While receiving automated e-mails and voice messages can be rather annoying, companies are now turning to other solutions that can provide excellent customer satisfaction without having to spend thousands every month.

Live Chat vs. Phone Support


live chatPhone support has its advantages, especially for the busy people. Some people are always on the go and some may not even have the time to check out your website. Be real; this was the situation back in the old days. Today, no matter how busy people may be, they can always access a web page through their mobile phone and tablet. International customers may have problems contacting support, especially if you have a US/UK registered phone number. What if they don’t have the means to call internationally? What if their calling service doesn’t support this feature? This means another customer is lost on your end.

On the other hand, live chat support can cater to all types of visitors. Despite their age, status and location, everybody can request for support and have their inquiries addressed by representatives of the business in real time, with the chances of converting visitors into paying and satisfied customers.

Wait Time

On the phone, potential customers may have to wait for a couple of minutes before they get attended to, not to mention they have to deal with voice-automated messages before even reaching someone on the phone. With a live chat support system, all it needs is a single click and a potential customer can be assisted in a matter of seconds. This is because a live chat operator can multi-task and thus be able to speak with multiple customers at the same time. A phone operator on the other hand can only assist one customer at a time, which makes the waiting time longer and can frustrate the majority of customers waiting for support and even compel them to take their business elsewhere, probably a competitor.


VOIP and phone operators combined can cost a thousand dollars every month, depending on the plan and features that you’re getting. Generally, this is a costly option and not ideal for businesses that are just starting up. Of course, there are free to use phone systems such as Skype, but you have to generally pay for a phone number every month. Nevertheless, the labor cost for phone operators are high, considering that you need to find and hire someone with exceptional customer service experience over the phone. If you’re considering outsourcing the work to other countries, you have to make sure that you find someone with minimal or no accent at all to mask the fact that they are not from your country and provide your customers trust that they have been looking for from every business they want to deal with.

Live chat on the other hand is cheaper in terms of the system used. Most of the time, it only requires a one-time setup fee, and an affordable monthly cost that doesn’t hurt the budget, especially if your business is just starting to make a name for itself. Smaller businesses can afford these types of systems not to mention chat support operators have cheaper labor costs compared to the alternative.


Would you rather let each visitor pass without having the chance to convert him into a customer? The opportunity is already there – all you need is grab this opportunity and give it a shot. With the right tools and with the right chat support system setup, you can easily convert a visitor into a paying customer.

Apex Chat is a live chat company that provides live chat software and service.

A Closer Look At Biometric Gun Safes

Recent technological innovations have made gun safes all the more reliable for gun owners. The biometric gun safe, for example, is a solution to the age-old problem of getting the safe open with the use of stolen or duplicated keys. As of now, these safes are considered the pinnacle of security technology for various reasons.

What Is It?

By design, biometric gun safes look similar to conventional safes. In fact, they have the same security features as older safes. What is different, however, is in the lock which is designed to tell apart who is trying to unlock the safe and provide access to the right persons. Biometric safes use scanners to identify persons and disengage the locks for the right people.

The secret lies in the biometric scanner which makes use of unique identifiers embedded into each and every person. By homing in on these identifiers, the lock can effectively tell which person is which and open instantly. For safes, biometrics will use the fingerprints of a person to provide them access to the contents inside. Since each person has a unique fingerprint, the number of people who can open the lock is quite few.

How It Works

Since the design for the safe is gun safessimilar to conventional locks, one can expect the same metal structure and interiors in biometric gun safes. The only difference is the locking bolts which are not controlled by a dial combination or electronic lock. Instead, there is a small computer rigged on top which releases the bolt once the correct set of fingerprints is identified.

The device comes with its own memory which remembers which fingerprints to accept. To do this, one must have to program the unit to recognize a certain set of fingerprints. Once programmed, the lock will only activate when these fingerprints are identified and deny access to the rest. Due to this, there are only a few people who can open a certain safe. Thus, the chances of the safe opening for the wrong kind of people are minimal to none.

Pros and Cons

One installing biometric gun safes, one can expect a few advantages and disadvantages. The very first advantage of a biometric safe is that it requires no physical device to release the locks. Since the key is embedded into a person, there is no need for a key or card to unlock the safe. Since the safe only accepts a few fingerprints, the risk of a thief opening the safe with a duplicate key is non-existent.

Also, these safes provide the quickest way of accessing the contents. Unlike dial combination safes, the unlocking sequence is near-instantaneous. Keep in mind that every second counts in an emergency. The longer it takes for a person to arm themselves to respond to a firefight, the longer they put themselves in danger. However, the quick unlocking sequence allows for a person to get to their weapons and defend themselves from all intruders.

However, biometric gun safes are not without their drawbacks. For instance, biometric technology is still in its infancy which means that the scanner might not recognize a fingerprint if it is incorrectly angled. Also, any wound done on the finger would mean re-registering the print as the scan does not recognize the new pattern. Finally, biometric safes require constant charging in order to work properly.

Despite these, biometrics safes still pose a lot of potential in security technology. At its present state, these types of safes are considered one of the most reliable weapons containers for gun owners. With future improvements, these safes will become more reliable in providing gun owners with the firepower they need in emergencies.

Trending Usages of Digital Signage

It was believed that the first establishments to use digital signage are the banks. Automated teller machines or ATM’s were first used in the 70’s by select banks. With the way digital signage made banking convenient and engaging, other banks followed suit. Today, the popularity of digital signs is ever-increasing as equipment like LED screens, plasma screens and LED screens are becoming more affordable.

digital signageDigital signs are now replacing screens that come with cash registers. Advertisements can be shown on-screen and can greatly increase brand-building. Fast food chains, for example, can show ads for their new offerings. Convenience stores and supermarkets can be contracted by a company whose product the stores are selling, hence giving the said product’s brand name exposure an edge over its competitors.

With the advent of touch screens, digital signage is now interactive. Vending machine installation firms are now using touch screen menus, since these are a proven way to increase kiosk sales. People find the touch screen menus to be more interesting to use than normal vending machines. Like the cash register screen, digital touch screen menus can also show advertisements to increase brand-building. Some restaurants use a similar technology using touch screens installed on tables. Orders can be placed using the system and increase the interactivity.

Another common use of touch screen digital signs is for queuing systems in banks and restaurants. These queuing systems are interactive, hence improving customer experience during long waiting times. Digital maps in malls and airports are becoming widely used.

A kiosk in an airport in Germany now uses face recognition for customers checking in to the airport. It has a biometric camera which takes pictures of the boarding passengers’ faces and cross references them with their passport photos. Like vending machines it can take cash payments, debit, or credit cards. It can also print boarding passes and bag tags for on-the-go plane boarders.

A rising trend in digital sign technology is an innovation called augmented reality. A company in London partnered with a digital signage firm and visual effects artists. A screen was installed and on the back of the screen is a camera to trick commuters in to thinking that they are looking at a transparent screen. Visual effects are then incorporated in to the video being captured by the camera, such as UFO’s hovering about, a giant robot monster invading London, a kraken coming out of the sewers and a tiger seemingly rushing into the commuters’ side of the screen. It is a fun, attention-catching and interesting new form of entertainment and advertising.

When you have several digital signs, it would be difficult to manage them manually. For example, each of the signs has to be updated if you want to change the slide presentation or movie you want playing in loop. This posing problem was solved using networks, either a local area network or a wide area network such as the internet. Now, you can update digital signs even countries apart.

An up-and-coming technology being widely used to update such information is the cloud management. With cloud services, updates can be uploaded to a remote server and the digital signs download them in real-time via internet. This technology can reduce the clutter of local area networks or wide area networks because computers on each sign will not be needed. It also uses internet connection so managing digital signs far apart from each other can easily be done.

With these new technological advancements, making your digital signs more interesting and easily updated. This just proves that there is more come for digital signage, as signage administrators become more creative with the presentations and more innovative with how they oversee information.

Callaway Golf Big Bertha – Things to Know About the Great Club

The Big Bertha of Callaway GolfCallaway Golf is one of the greatest innovations in the golf industry. As much as it’s very well known worldwide, it has a very long history.  People are not even aware of half the fun facts the Big Bertha comes with. For that reason, here are some snippets about Big Bertha:


Unlike S2H2 (Short Straight Hollow Hosel) which has a very technical name, Big Bertha was named after a war weapon, the Big Bertha howitzer. This weapon is a big cannon with a six mile range used by Germans in World War I in 1914 to destroy Belgium forts. It was never said why exactly but the name might have been inspired by the golf club’s revolutionary design of having an oversized club head. The name became even more fitting for this golf club because of the impact it had on the golf industry and Callaway Golf itself.  It was simply explosive.

First Production-

Big Bertha was the third club Callaway designed after the S2H2 and the Bobby Jones. After its release, it instantly became not only Callaway’s most famous club but also the most popular golf club to golfers.

  • Big Bertha made Callaway Golf the leading golf club manufacturer in America during its time. As much as S2H2 was instantly loved by the golf industry and gained great popularity and profit for Callaway, Big Bertha exceeded its impact to the world in extreme lengths.
  • It was first released to the market in 1991 and became popular right away to professional golfers. In the same year, PGA Professional Mark Brooks won twice with it. The next year, Big Bertha was used by most Senior LPGA players and became the most popular club in the golf world.
  • During Big Bertha’s first year, the company increased their sales to $54 million. After being the most popular club in its second year, Callaway Golf sales more than doubled to $133 million.
  • During its first few years, Big Bertha was being endorsed, used, and won with by some of the greatest golf players like Annika Sorenstam, Johnny Miller and Jim Colbert.


Big Bertha was designed after Callaway’s first two golf club designs: S2H2 and Bobby Jones. It was the first club to ever have an oversized, large-volume (190cc) club head. The idea behind Big Bertha’s design was to have weight more centralized and the gravity lower resulting to a better swing and, as according to Ely Callaway, a greater “feel” upon club head’s contact with the ball. This enabled players to do longer drives and have better directional control even with off-center hits.

It was first manufactured with stainless steel. During that time, most golf clubs were made out of persimmon wood. Ely Callaway kept improving the golf club’s design and was able to produce a line of Big Bertha golf clubs.

Here’s the list of the line’s products:

  • Big Bertha Woods – the original Big Bertha design introduced in 1991.
  • Big Bertha Irons – first Big Bertha clubs made out of iron with 360 degrees undercut channel introduced in 1994.
  • Big Bertha Warbird Woods – introduced in 1995 and was also made out of stainless steel featuring War Bird soleplate.
  • Great Big Bertha – finally made with titanium with 253cc club head volume.
  • Improved Big Bertha Irons
  • Great Big Bertha Fairway Woods
  • Big Bertha Gold Irons – made of aluminum bronze mostly for appearance and better grip.
  • Biggest Big Bertha – made of titanium and has a head volume of 290cc.
  • Great Big Bertha Tungsten Titanium Irons
  • Big Bertha X12 Irons – multi-layered cavity with a narrower sole than original Big Bertha.
  • Little Bertha Clubs for kids – introduced to the market in 1998 and with design based on Big Bertha X12.
  • Great Big Bertha Haw Eye Woods – last Big Bertha Callaway Golf design in the 1990’s.
Author Bio:

Since the early 1980′s Callaway Golf has been one of golf’s leading manufacturers. By combining new technologies with traditional techniques, Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can’t get enough of. 

Mister: Why There Will Be More of Them in the Future

Most people know a mister as that giant looking electric fan that blows what appears to be smoke or mist. People often see them in some commercial establishment like a restaurant or some huge outdoor event like a football game or probably even a concert.

Most people are familiar with them for the kind of cooling sensation that they can provide the public. True enough, mist fans are cool, in the most literal sense of the word. They can provide a much needed cool breeze during a hot summer’s day.

Mist fans have been around for more than half a decade now. Yet, despite that fact, mist fans have not been given the kind of attention that they deserve. This is probably because most people still want to use air conditioners. To be fair, air conditioners still provide the best cooling performance in an enclosed area such as a room or office. However, that does not mean that people ought to ignore what a mister can do for them.

There are in fact plenty of reasons why people will get to see more and more of mist fans. Below are just a few of the reasons why people will see more mist fans in the not so distant future.

Saves up on the energy bill

One of the main reasons why people will move towards using mist fans is the rise of the world’s demand for electricity. Price is a function of both supply and demand. The more the people demand something the more producers will supply it. However, scarcity makes it difficult to give everyone what they want or need. The competing needs results in a price hike.

This economic principle is true for electricity. It is no secret that air conditioners need a lot of electricity in order to run. Long time use of an air conditioner can lead to an electricity bill that can make most people poor. What people need is a cooling solution for their needs that gets the job done without breaking the bank. A mister fulfills that need.

Mist fans are cheap and inexpensive to purchase and install when compared to an air conditioner. The biggest lure however, is that they do not use a lot of electricity. This will help save a lot of money. The difference in electricity use between a mist fan and an air conditioner can be likened to the gap that exists between both sides of the Grand Canyon.

Has a wide range of different applications

Misting fans are not just limited to keeping people cool. Mist fans are used in all different sorts of applications ranging from commercial, industrial, to agricultural.

Mist fans see a lot of use in commercial establishments like restaurants. Restaurants need to use as much of the space as they can to maximize profit. This can be difficult during the hot summer when people want to avoid the heat. A mist fan can take care of that issue without having to spend too much money.

Mist fans are also used in industrial applications. Dust and odor control are some of the more common applications of mist fans. Mist fans are also used to keep heavy machinery cool in certain environments. Keeping the heavy machines cool prevents it from breaking down which saves up on maintenance and costs of having to halt production when a machine goes offline.

Finally, agricultural greenhouses often use mist fans to help control the climate. Some plants require a humid environment to grow healthy and a mister can provide that need without having to worry so much about the costs of getting the job done.

Author Bio:

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Browsing Through Different SEO Services: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Browsing through all the different SEO services out there can be a major pain in the butt. The market is very much saturated with so many different SEO companies that it can be difficult to find out which companies are reliable and which ones are just dealing with snake oil solutions.

Engaging the services of an SEO firm is quite the investment. It is understandable, as well as reasonable, for people to pause and think about their decision. Choosing an SEO firm is not a decision that should be made lightly by anyone. It is a very serious choice, one that should be made with utmost care.

A lot of effort is put in finding the right SEO firm. It may seem impossible for some, but with the right kind of effort spotting the bad SEO services from the good ones should not be too difficult. Here are some of the common mistakes people should start to avoid when looking for a good SEO firm.

Thinking about the price and forgetting about the value:

One of the most SEO Servicescrucial mistakes that websites make is simply looking at the price of the SEO service. Price sure is an important point in choosing an SEO firm to work with. However, it should not be the only point of consideration when choosing which SEO firm to work with.

The more important thing to look at is the value. Price is the money that people pay for a product or a service and value is what they get. More often than not, people get what they pay for.

Do not make the mistake of overpaying for something thinking that the higher the price the better the service. That may well be the case, but paying for a service that goes beyond the needs of the website is still a waste in resources, resources which can be used elsewhere.

The opposite is also important to take note of. People should avoid making the mistake of having to look for the cheapest SEO firm. Again, this is not about price so much as it is about the value of the service relative to the needs of the website.

A website needs to take a long time to think carefully about all the other important considerations before even thinking about the price to understand the true value of the SEO firm’s service.

One last thing, do not be a cheapskate and think SEO firms overcharge. Some of them do, but the good SEO firms will only charge a website a fair amount for their services.

Forgetting to do the proper research on other SEO services:

Another mistake people make is forgetting to do their homework. People really need to conduct research on the SEO firm that they might be hiring. Sure the SEO firm may look reliable and responsible on the surface, but for all people know they might just be an incompetent firm with good publicity.

It may take a lot of time and effort, but research is necessary grunt work. Gathering information is necessary to arrive at any informed and prudent decision. Ignoring or forgetting to do the research may save up on time and effort, but it can cost a lot more than that when the website makes the mistake of dealing with the wrong SEO firm.

Not thinking about the needs:

This is a very bad mistake that tends to derail the entire decision making process of choosing a good SEO firm. Websites really need to think about the needs that they have to address. The needs will determine the kind of SEO firm and service that the website should deal with.

Furthermore, a good SEO firm will always ask their prospective clients what they need. They do not make recommendations based on insufficient information. Always remember to have a well thought out and defined list of needs before taking a look at the different SEO services.

SEO Services provided by SEOExplode.us

The Basic Elements of a Facebook Page

Aside from being able to connect people from different parts of the world together, social media sites like Facebook have now become effective tools for any business owner to make their presence known, due to the sheer number of people using it every day.

This is theFacebook Page reason why creating a Facebook page is almost mandatory for any type of business and for SEO. But even with this, most internet marketers neglect the importance of the basics, despite having vast resources to draw upon.

So while you’re building (or maintaining) your Facebook business page, ask yourself these questions and see if you’re maximizing the features that Facebook offers for you.

Is your Cover Photo presentable?

The first thing that people will notice when visiting any Facebook page is the cover photo. Therefore, the cover photo should define the overall aspect of your business in a single glance. It should also be pleasing to the eyes and doesn’t distract much from the overall content featured on your Facebook page. The size guidelines for Facebook cover photos is around 851 x 315 pixels, so make sure that you make the most of it.

Have you filled your “About” page?

The importance of having a completely-filled “About” page simply can’t be stressed enough, as after the cover photo, this is where most people will go to when they want to find out more about your business. For the Description field, it may not necessarily be a full-blown description of the business, but at least give a detailed introduction on what your business is about and other miscellaneous things. You can also fill out the Contact Information for people to send their feedback to you directly (This should also be mentioned in the “Description.”), and optionally, you can fill out the Basic information on the page to give some more details about your business.

The “About” page is also a good opportunity to get your SEO efforts rolling, so make sure that you put in at least a few relevant keywords on your business description in order for your page to be picked up and ranked by search engines.

Does your URL define who you are?

The ability to create your own URL for your Facebook page can be achieved once your page reached 25 Likes (apparently a very easy feat if you’re smart in your marketing efforts). Make sure that your URL is relevant to your business, and that you choose it very carefully, because once you’ve set your URL name, you can never change it back.

Are you interactive enough?

Posting content rarely can have a negative impact on your Facebook page, but posting too frequently isn’t too good either. To get the best results, moderate the amount of content updates on your page. The rest of the time should be focused on interacting with the readers via responding to their comments and feedback. Remember that Facebook is a social media site, and the reason that you created your business page isn’t to just have a place for product updates, but also a tool so that you can get to connect with your consumers better.

Are you monitoring your progress using Insights?

Insights is a Facebook feature that’s available after your page reaches 30 Likes. It allows you to monitor the overall progress of your page, how often readers respond to your posts, as well as other data that’ll be useful in your marketing campaign. Using Insights, you’ll be able to determine which of the content that you make earns more lead-ins than the others, allowing you to replicate a strategy that you used previously or to make some improvements on others that aren’t generating your expected leads.

Have you read Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS)?

Finally, it’s important to note Facebook’s TOS guidelines on business pages, and respond to them accordingly. Breaking any of these guidelines may cause Facebook to delete your page, sometimes without any notice. Moreover, there may be times on when there’ll be some changes to the TOS, so it’s important that you read them on a regular basis in order to avoid breaking any rules.